The strange race for State Auditor


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The race for the usually yawn-inducing post of Delaware State Auditor is getting interesting.

GOP incumbent Tom Wagner is not running again, citing health issues.

The post seemed ripe for the picking for Dems. The affable Wagner faced lingering criticism for agreeing to lean staffing from a General Assembly that is not always enthusiastic about a watchdog agency digging too deeply.

And in an embarrassing episode for someone monitoring finances, his house seemed to be headed toward foreclosure. The issue was resolved.

The state has also continued to see the misuse of funds by various entities, with audits appearing to come long after the fact.

Dems now have a three-way battle for the post with former legislator Dennis E. Williams; Rehoboth commissioner Kathy McGuiness,and former member of the State Auditor’s office Kathleen Davies all seeking the post.

McGuiness, who previously ran for lieutenant governor,has drawn fire from Williams, whoclaims the Rehoboth commissioner was out of line in seeking endorsements from officials. whose entities might be audited

Meanwhile, veteran auditor Davies, who was sacked by Wagner, has been involved in a battle over whether she was wrongly terminated.

Davies won an early victory from a personnel panel. That led McGuinessto call foropening upthe process. One does not need a CPA to figure out that McGuinness was looking for something.

A knock-down, drag-out primary and McGuiness’sketchy moves could have been bad news for Democrats.

Then, Republican candidate and longtime CPA Joan Winters dropped out of the race citing the rigors of the campaign on her family.

For Republicans, a chance at keeping a winnable post isslipping out of their grasp.

Enjoy your weekend. Our humble newsletter returns on Monday. – Doug Rainey, publisher.

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