Carney issues firm no to request to deploy National Guard members in border area


Delaware Gov. John Carney rejected a request to send National Guard members to the Mexican border area, citing the controversial policy of separating children from detained parents.

“I take my job as Commander-in-Chief of theDelaware National Guard. extremely seriously. In the last year, we’ve sent Guardsmen and women to Texas, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico to help our fellow citizens cope with natural disasters. We’ve sent Delaware Guardsmen and women overseas to keep us safe. I’m extremely proud of Delaware’s soldiers and airmen and women. Today, we received a request to send Delaware National Guard troops to the southwest border. Under normal circumstances,we wouldn’t hesitate to answer the call. But given what we know about the policies currently in effect at the border, I can’t in good conscience send Delawareans to help with that mission,” Carney stated.

Carney continued, “If President Trump revokes the current inhumane policy of separating children from their parents, Delaware will be first in line to assist our sister states in securing the border. I served in Congress, and I watched for six years as that body failed to pass a comprehensive immigration policy that would secure our borders in a way that upholds the values of this great country. Congress and the President need to step up and fix the mess that our immigration system has become.”

Earlier Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan announced he would pull a Guard helicopter crew from the border area, with Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker making a similar announcement. Both are Republicans but have kept their distance from the Trump Administration.

VirginiaGov.Ralph Northam, a Democrat, ordered troops from the Commonwealth out of borderduties. Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, a Trump ally, ordered deployment.

There has been criticism that over claims of confusion over the deployment of Guard members in aiding border security, with one report of members shoveling manure and changing tires.

Carney’s actions earned widespread praise on his Facebook page, a contrast to the usually caustic comments that accompany his announcements.

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