Supreme Court strikes down game betting ban


The Supreme Court has struck down a betting ban for individual games, paving the way for an expansion of the industry, SB Nation, and other media outlets reported.

Justices overturned the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act and will now allow states to offer and regulate sports betting, which was often done illegally.

The decision could bring more money to Delaware racinos, which have been able to offer parlays that allow bets on a number of games. Revenue has been limited from parlays.

Legislators have been hoping for a favorable decision from the high court, since the infrastructure for sports betting is already in place.

Casinos in Delaware have been seeking relief from state revenue sharing figures that have battered the industry, which is also facing growing competition from casinos in Maryland and Pennsylvania.

Delaware House Speaker Pete Schwartzkopf has been a skeptic of the legislation, claiming that the Supreme Court decision could bring revenue to the state and casinos, reducing the need for relief.

Betting on individual games had been largely limited to Nevada, which was grandfathered into a ban on the practice. Delaware also had a limited ability to allowing betting through parlays.

Sports leagues had opposed the betting expansion, but have been making moves that seemed to recognize that the ban will no longer continue.

The NFL cleared the way for the Oakland Raiders to move the franchise to Las Vegas.

Sports betting has long been part of NFL and NBA coverage, with “betting lines” often mentioned, even in play-by-play coverage.

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