Sears closing Dover Mall store


Sears is closing its storein Dover Mall.

The company that has been on the decline for decades after building an empire that included Discover Card and Allstate Insurance earlier closed a long-time store in the Prices Corner Shopping Center.

The Delaware State Newsreported that the store will remain open during much of the summer.

Sears has struggled with discount competition, the Internet economy and locations in malls that are less favored by shoppers, especially males who used to find refuge in Sears’ hardware and outdoor equipment department.

A merger with Kmart by hedge fund owner Eddie Lampert has not borne fruit, with that discount chain also seeing a wave of store closings in Dover, Claymont and other locations in Delaware.

Lampert saw Sears as a vehicle in building an empire. Sears, under Lampert, has fallen far short of that goal.

Meanwhile, the Rehoboth area, Kmart downsized its store in a valuable tract along Coastal Highway and brought in big box store PetSmart.

Sears continues to an outlet store in the University Plaza shopping center in the Christiana area.

Hardware and appliance stores in Christiana and Newark were closed earlier.

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