Good morning everyone,

Preparations for the newsletter and early meetings sometimes make it difficult to attend an early morning event.

Such has been the case with the annual breakfast meeting of the Wilmington Renaissance Corp.

The group has been quietly doingnuts and bolts work in the continuing turnaround of downtown.

NewMarket Wilmington, a website that promotes offerings in the city, did attend the event and took note of five big ideas that were outlined. Check out the link to their story on our Business Reading section below

The one idea that caught my eye in the story was the possibility of the Delaware Law School of Widener University coming to the Riverfront. It currently is at a small campus on Concord Pike.

Mayor Mike Purzycki, while saying that he did not want to preempt anything noted that the Dean of the school publicly mentioned the possibility.

I had thrown out the idea many years ago as the riverfront was beginning to develop.

In conversations on the subject, it turned out that many others had suggested the project. At the time, it was purely blue sky thinking. The riverfront had its share of skeptics and was by no means assured of success.

Fast forward to 2018 and the riverfront is spilling out beyond the former shipyard area and moving into the lower Market Street area. A new bridge will and 76ers arena will be game-changers.

One might wonder if there is room for a campus. In this online era, a high rise could house classrooms, with housing built nearby.

Again, a riverfront law school is onlya possibility, but this is a big idea that could get a lot of people excited.

Stay dry. It won’t be easy. The last newsletter for the workweek returns tomorrow. – Doug Rainey, Publisher.

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