PBF to invest in ethanol loading site in Delaware City

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PBF Logistics    LP will invest in ethanol  loading infrastructure at the Delaware City refinery marine terminal. 

An ethanol project at the refinery has been the target of a legal battle  by environmental groups. 

The logistics limited partnership is affiliated with PBF Energy, which operates five refineries that include Delaware City.

PBF Logistics also announced the acquisition of Cummins (petroleum)  Terminal, in Knoxville, TN. 

The Cummins Terminal assets include East and West terminals consisting of two truck loading facilities.

Other assets to be acquired from PBF Energy include: the Toledo Rail Products Facility which will be upgraded to facilitate clean product distribution and exports; the Chalmette Truck Rack dedicated to loading gasoline and distillate, as well as, delivering ethanol for blending; and the Paulsboro Lube Oil Terminal which will be expanded with additional tanks and infrastructure.

The partnership will also invest in LPG rail-unloading at the Chalmette, LA refinery near New Orleans.

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