DNREC to keep comment period open on waste transport permits at Allen Harim sites


The Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control will extend the written public comment period for amended waste transporter permit applications for Denali Water Solutions and Clark Environmental Services ( doing business as Chesapeake Environmental Services LLC).

Public hearings for both companies’ amended permit applications were held by the Department on April 11 in Milton.

The applications drew opposition from neighbors unhappy with plans to transport waste from a planned deboning plant and headquarters for Allen Harim to the company’s Harbeson site, the Cape Gazettereported.

Neighbors and environmentalactivists cited truck traffic, water quality, and other issues.

DNREC announced it would keep the record open for written public comment on both permit applications until Thursday, May 3 after having been made aware that the start of the hearings was delayed and the regular-hour closure of the Milton Public Library cut short the public comment period.

Denali Water Solutions’ application was made to DNREC’s Groundwater Discharges Section for an amendment to include transporting other non-sanitary wastewater to the Allen Harim processing facility wastewater treatment plant in Harbeson.

Clarks Environmental Services also made an application for an amendment to the company’s State of Delaware Non-Hazardous Liquid Waste Transporters Permit to include transporting sludge to the Allen Harim processing facility wastewater treatment plant in Harbeson.

Allen Harim and Mountaire have faced intense criticism over groundwater and waste treatment issues.

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