Delaware ends up in the lower half of states in annual economic performance report


Delaware ended up in the bottom half in an annual report from the American Legislative Exchange Council.

In the Rich States, Poor States, report, Utah again earned the top spot for states with the best economic outlook, followed by Idaho, Indiana, North Dakota and Arizona.

Delaware ended up 36thin economic outlook in the report that measures factors ranging from population growth to the state minimum wage, and the lack of a right to work law that bars unions from mandatory dues collection.

Delaware ranked 28thin economic performance.

“The untold story of federal tax reform is its impact at the state level, where the vast majority of states are now enjoying unexpected revenue gains,” said Jonathan Williams,chief economist andvice president of the ALEC Center for State Fiscal Reform. “This trend is empowering additional pro-growth tax reform efforts that will provide an added level of benefits for hard-working taxpayers.As states compete with each other for much-needed human and financial capital, there is a clear trend in favor of taxpayer-friendly, market-oriented reforms.”

“The shakeup in rankings is exciting and a testament to how states are always competing to offer the most pro-growth tax climate. When states compete on the merits of good public policy, ultimately the taxpayer ends up being the real winner,” said North Carolina State Rep. and National Chairman Jason Saine.

ALEC proposes legislation that has become law in many states in areas such as tax cuts, voter identification, right to work laws, immigration and other areas that generally run counter to the views of Democrats in Delaware, who control both houses and the governor’s office.

Two states that ranked well ahead of Delaware in the ALEC economicreport, Oklahoma and Arizona, are now dealing with protests from teachers over low pay and a lack of classroom materials.

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