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Raymond Quinlan made sure Monday’s ribbon-cutting ceremony for the new employment site in New Castle was not a somber affair.

The affable CEO of Sallie Mae did make some serious points about the economic impact of the company’s decision to expand in Delaware.

Sallie Mae invested millions in a portion of a once forlorn shopping center that had been converted into an office complex. The site will eventually employ 500 and reinforces the state’s leadership position in financial services. Delaware, unlike many states, has seen growth in financial services jobs.

Quinlan kept the mood light with commemorative T-shirts serving as a prop.

After remarks by one political leader, Quinlan said the speech was so good it rated a T-shirt.

Chris Coons, a powerful orator on the Senate floor, had a serious message, but started on the light side by taking note of a long-departed bar in the area he might have patronized in his younger years. Coons got his shirt.

The routine continued as the speakers played along with the mock T-shirt competition while adding a few one-liners of their own and putting on the shirts over their suits.

The proceedings also led to one PG-rated remark expressing thanks that Sallie Mae did not hand out commemorate pants.

It was Quinlan who had the most memorable line that came out of one encounter during a four-decade career in banking and financial services.

When opening a bank branch in Boston, Quinlan met the late U.S. Sen. Ted Kennedy.

The senator disclosed that he had ignored a rule from his legendary grandfather and Boston Mayor John “Honey Fitz” Fitzgerald.

Fitzgerald’s rule for politicians, according to Quinlan – Never pose with a banker or landlord shortly before an election.

Quinlan noted that Monday’s ceremony came well before the next election.

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