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Hello all,

The serious opinion piece can wait.

It’s Wawa Day.

The gas station and convenience store chain that  has paid dearly for many key locations in Delaware offers free coffee all day. Wawa Day is like free water ice day at Rita’s on steroids.

Better yet, Wawa Day is coming on what may be the first real day of spring as temperatures get out of their winter funk. Never fear, fans of chilly weather,  below normal temps, will return before long.

Given the congestion we often see at Wawas getting in and out of the parking lot  may be a chore. Be careful  and watch for those folks juggling a mobile device, hoagie and coffee cup.

Many of us have mixed feelings on Wawa. The Delaware Valley company and  Baltimore rival Royal Farms, are now price leaders on gasoline as independent stations and smaller convenience stores fade away.

But there is something to be said for well-maintained stores, good coffee and decent hoagies.

Wawa also provides that rung on the ladder for those in need of a stable job. Work hard and benefits like stock ownership are available. The company is more than 40 percent owned by an employee stock plan.

Wawa is also marking a remarkable achievement – raising $50 million  for charitable causes. 

As for free coffee day, I’ll forego the honor, but the fuel gauge is at a quarter and I need another cup…

Here’s to some outdoor time today. We’ll get back inside and put together the last newsletter of the week on Friday. – Doug and Sharon Rainey

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