DuPont shutting down product line at Chambers Works

Company to buy ingredients from other sources


DowDuPont is shutting down a production line at its Chamber’s Works site across the Delaware River in New Jersey.

“The Safety & Construction business is transitioning the manufacturing of its aramid intermediates from the Chambers Works Site in Deepwater, NJ to suppliers who have newer process technology. Sourcing these ingredients from others who have newer and more productive processes allows us to focus on growth opportunities including new product innovation and the modernization of Kevlar and Nomex manufacturing,” DuPont spokesman Dan Turner stated.

Nomex is a protective material used by firefighters and others. Kevlar is a material used in aerospace and in protection for law enforcement personnel

About 100 Chambers Works aramids employees will be affected, with the company providing support and assistance to help find other positions in the company or with other local employers, Turner stated.

The DuPont Transportation & Advanced Polymers business will continue to maintain a presence at the site.

Since there are no other suppliers of these materials in the U.S., Transpek Limited in India will be the primary supply source, Turner stated.

DuPont plans to stop manufacturing at Chambers Works at the end of March with decommissioning complete this summer.

The site is now operated by DuPont spin-off Chemours with DowDuPont leasing property.

The Chambers Works has served as a key research and manufacturing site for DuPont over the years. Employment has dwindled over the years as production ended for various chemicals and other products.

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