Brimming Horn introduces ‘Praise of Bacchus’ mead


Brimming Horn a meadery in the  Milton area of Sussex County will keep the Valentine’s Day party going with a little mythology.

“Brimming Horn’s fascination of mythology led mead-maker Jon Talkington down the stone paved streets of Heliopolis into the temple of Bacchus,” a release stated.

“In Praise of Bacchus” was constructed out of fruits and spices closely associated with the ancient wine god. Made from red grapes, figs, cinnamon and of course pure honey; this mead is sure to please the most ardent Roman gods and goddesses, Talkington stated.  “This mead is dedicated to the ancient wine god Bacchus and to one of my favorite musicians who left this world – both live in my heart and soul. Mead, music and creative madness come together to bring the world something of divine flavor. Enjoy the complex fermentation of honey, grape, and Vietnamese cinnamon. Deep garnet in color, aroma of spiced jam, sweet flavors of dark ripe fruit, vanilla, spice, and caramel.”

Brimming Horn will be releasing “In Praise of Bacchus” on  Friday, February 16th.

It’s their first mead using  500ml ceramic wine bottles shipped from Germany.

Also making a stop at  Brimming Horn on Saturday, February 17th will be Dixie’s Down Home Cooking food truck (arriving sometime after 1 p.m.).  This is the first food truck for the meadery.

Delaware’s own Bastion’s Wake band will play from   5 p.m. to 7 p.m. on Saturday.

Brimming Horn is open Friday through Sunday. 

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