Minster family confirms that jewelry store will remain in operation


The Minster family announced Thursday that the jewelry store will remain open, following the passing of Marilyn Minster.

Minster worked in at the store in Elkton and later when the business moved to the Newark Shopping Center during a nearly seven-decade career. The family released the following:

The Minster Family has been proud to serve the community for 122 years and while the passing of Marilyn Minster is painful, the business will continue. We have survived every recession, depression, economic change and much more since 1895 and will evolve once again.

Service has always been our foundation and that will even become better. Stop in to see Clay Moore our master jeweler, Barbara Nicholson who you may remember from our Wilmington store. Dina Fattakhova our apprentice jeweler and Henry Ostheimer who is overseeing the transition.


In a few weeks we will announce more changes that we are sure you will like.

She passed away in late December at the age of 87.

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