Joe and Jill Biden win the State Chamber’s Marvel Cup

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Former Vice President Joe Biden and Jill Biden  received the Josiah Marvel Cup from the Delaware State Chamber of Commerce on Monday night. 

The award came on the the same night that the former Vice President gave he keynote speech at the Chamber’s annual dinner Monday night. 

“It was the greatest  honor to serve Delaware for as long as I have,” Biden said.

“When people know you and vote for you that’s a heck of a compliment,” he said. 

Biden is still being mentioned as a candidate for President in 2020. He  served as Vice President for eight years under President Obama. 


He has downplayed such reports, while working as an advocate for a “moon shot” for cancers, such as the one that took the life of his son, Attorney General Beau Biden.

Jill Biden was not present at the event. She continues to teach a full load of courses at North Virginia Community College. Biden said the condition of the roads and  classes the next day led to a decision to stay home.

The award presentation is kept secret until the night of the dinner.  Biden, has been on tour promoting his memoir, “Promise Me, Dad: A Year of Hope, Hardship, and Purpose,” took a break from traveling to attend this year’s event. He   was slated to leave  Delaware  to attend a conference on cancer in California.

As the Second Lady, Jill Biden worked on issues related to education and  service people.

In his  remarks, Biden was lavish in his praise of Jill and her work.

Biden also praised Gov. John Carney’s efforts in dealing with a changing economy that include a smaller DuPont Co.

He also thanked Delawareans for supporting the Biden family in good times and bad. It included the loss of his wife and children.

“I will never be able to repay you,” he said.

Biden  said Delaware taught him to believe that politics was an honorable profession. The former Vice President noted that he never had a cross word with  Rep. Mike Castle and U.S. Sen, Bill Roth, both Republicans.

He said the nation was more divided in the Vietnam area, but the political system was not broken as it is today.

“We have to reweave American values into the political system,” Biden said.

He said both parties are not listening to the Middle Class and threats that include the elimination of jobs through technology and automation.

He ended on an upbeat note.

“Anything’s possible in America,” he said, citing research universities, venture capital and other advantages that  other nations envy.