Former chief deputy to file in Attorney General’s race


LaKresha Roberts announced Wednesday that she is running in the race for Attorney General. 

Roberts, who lists a Wilmington address, says she will run a campaign focused on addressing issues such as reducing gun violence and violent crime, addressing the state’s opioid epidemic, and protecting victims of child abuse and domestic violence.

She is a registered Democrat.

“There are problems, like shootings, child abuse and domestic violence, that have plagued our communities for far too long, and others, like the opioid epidemic, that are newer but equally challenging,” Roberts said as she began her campaign. “I have professional and life experiences that will help me to effectively address these issues if I am fortunate enough to be elected.  I am a Delaware citizen and parent who has been and will continue to be dedicated to ensuring that we live in safer communities so that citizens can feel secure and our local economy can thrive.” 

Most recently, Roberts served as Chief Deputy Attorney General, leaving her post this week in order to run for office. Prior to that, she served as Director of the DOJ Family Division, and was a Deputy Attorney General who focused on cases involving juveniles and families. 


She joins a growing field of candidates that include former chief state prosecutor Kathy Jennings and former County Attorney, Tim Mullaney. On the Republican ticket, long-time litigator Tom Neuberger is running on the Republican ticket.

The decision by Roberts and Jennings is a reflection of the growth in the number of women candidates seeking office in Delaware and elsewhere. It follows the election of President Trump and the emergence of the #Me Too movement, which centers on sexual harassment, equal pay and other issues.

Current Attorney General Matt Denn announced last year, he will not seek another term.