Dogfish Head heads to the ‘Big Easy’


Dogfish Head beer is heading to New Orleans and adjacent areas in Louisiana.

The company blog reported that brews from the Milton, DE company will also be available in Lafayette and Baton. Other areas of the state will see Dogfish in February.

“We’re excited to ship our off-centered beers to Dogfish fans in Louisiana and to begin a great and long-lasting relationship with the beer drinkers, retailers, and distributor partners in the state,” says Dogfish Head founder & CEO Sam Calagione. “We have our canning and bottling lines pumping out a ton of beer and enough brewing capacity to ensure we can keep retailers well stocked with our off-centered, well-differentiated family of beers.”

Offerings include 90 Minute IPA, Namaste White, Indian Brown, 60 Minute IPA, SeaQuench Ale, Lupu-Luau IPA, Flesh & Blood IPA, Palo Santo Marron, Burton Baton, Midas Touch, and seasonal releases.


SeaQuench has gained a following from beer drinkers and fitness enthusiasts who like the taste and calorie county that is lower than the number for many craft brews.

Dogfish Head, realizing the importance of its cuisine, went on to suggest food-beer pairings in the blog post.

Dogfish has been cautious in expansion efforts. While making sure its brews were availalable in Texas, California, Florida and other major markets, it has been more cautious when it comes to mid-sized states.

At one point, Dogfish Head was forced to cut back its sales territory, due to demand outpacing production. A major expansion and new canning line has allowed expansion to continue.

Industry sources have reported that Dogfish sales have been on the upswing this year.

Dogfish Head sales surge in 2017

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