Delaware now offers online driver’s license renewals


The Delaware Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) is now offering online driver license and ID card renewals. 

In September, Gov. John Carney signed House Bill 146 into law which removed the requirement for signatures to be in pen and ink when provided for a driver license, identification card, or registration application processes. With the removal of this provision, the DMV is now able to expand online services. 

Customers over the age of 18, with a valid Class D driver license or ID card within six months of expiration, may now renew online whenever and wherever they want. Access to this and many more online services is via a customer’s secure MyDMV account  created on the website. 

The  process will create a temporary paper driver license or ID card to be printed at home with a new card that will be mailed to the customer within two weeks of the online process. 

The new online renewed documents will use the most recent photo taken at the DMV and will cost the same as a traditional DMV visit. 

Online renewal is not available for holders of commercial driver licenses, graduated driver licenses, or to persons who utilized the self-service kiosk at their last DMV visit. Anyone who has lost driving privileges cannot renew online until satisfying all requirements with DMV.

“Allowing residents with a current license or identification card to complete the renewal process online when it works for their schedule is another great example of how we are working to make our services more convenient and efficient across state government,” said  Carney.

Another bill aimed at cutting lines and delays at Delaware DMV offices was signed by Carney last year. 

House Bill 246, increases the exemption from inspection from five years to seven years for all new vehicles, and will apply to all new vehicles purchased after January 1, 2012. Currently, vehicles in the five newest model years are exempt from inspection.

DMV has a biennial inspection for vehicles under 8,500 pounds. This legislation reduces the number of inspections per year by approximately 45,000 vehicles.

All owners of vehicle with a current five year expiration can  renew their registration for an additional two years via mail, by using the DMV drive-thru, or by using DMV’s online registration renewal tool within 90 days of expiration.

  The Delaware DMV has a  customer base of more than 812,000 license and identification holders.

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