Sussex meadary offering a honey, lemon, tomato creation



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On Friday, Brimming Horn and mead maker Jon Talkington will releasethe first of its kind, Wolf Peach, a mead made from honey, locally grown green tomatoes, and lemons.

“The tomato is an old country winemakers favorite and it’s a wine that I’ve been making small batches of every year at home. So I thought, ‘Why not make it a mead,” Talkington said.

Why name it Wolf Peach?


The common German word for tomato translates to “Wolf Peach”. In Germanic folklore it was believed that witches used the wolf peach to produce and summon werewolves, Talkington stated.

Also offered will be Blackberry Chai. made with the same local blackberries as their sold-out fan favorite mead Bjornbar (Swedish for blackberry) and adding spicy chai tea.

Blackberries were sourced locally from Georgetown and ordering high-end chai tea comes from India.

“A blend of two of my favorites – blackberries and chai tea. I decided to go with less fruit for balance to allow the chai tea’s flavor to come through,” Talkington stated.

Both meads will be available at their Milton tasting room (Fri-Sat12 p.m.-7pm, Sun12 p.m. – 4 p.m.) as well as their online store

Shipping within the state of Delaware is against Delaware state law.

Both will sell for $18.99 and are available at the meadery for $3 per 1 ounce pour.

Brimming Horn’s will also continue Mead and Metal collaboration with “underground heavy metal music world.”

Their first collaboration mead Goat’s Blood with the mighty Incantation sold outwithin two weeks.

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