Nurse has license suspended after allegations of improperly obtaining altered doses of methadone


Delaware Secretary of State Jeffrey Bullock and the state Board of Nursing have suspended the Delaware nursing license of Angela M. Gonzalez – Andino,after allegations of unprofessional conduct related to the diversion of prescription medications.

In making his determination, Bullock and the board considered the findings of an investigation by the Delaware Department of Justice, which has alleged that Gonzalez – Andino was engaged in an improper relationship with a substance use patient and provided altered dosages of methadone without a doctor’s order.

Methadone is administered in the place of opioids.

Gonzalez-Andino is a licensed practical nurse and a former employee of Connections Community Support Programs and is currently on administrative suspension. The alleged conduct took place in April and May of this year.

Delaware Code Title 24 enable s a temporary suspension pending a hearing to be issued upon the written order of the Secretary of State with the concurrence of the board chair if the activity of the licensee presents a clear and immediate danger to public health, safety or welfare.

The suspension of Gonzalez – Andino will remain in effect for a period of 60 days, during which time disciplinary hearings will be held or the final disposition will take place. The Board of Nursing has the authority to impose disciplinary sanctions including revocation of the license or certification.
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