AstraZeneca partnering with fitness expert and heart attack survivor Bob Harper


AstraZeneca is partnering with the nationally recognized fitness expert and TV personality Bob Harper (The Biggest Loser) to launchSurvivors Have Heart, an essay contest where heart attack survivors can share personal stories and connect with other survivors, including Bob Harper.

Bob Harper and AstraZeneca are asking those who have had a heart attack to visitwww.survivorshaveheart.comand submit an essay of 500 words or less about their experience and recovery.

Five stories from heart attack survivors will be chosen and those selected, along with a caregiver of their choice, will travel to New York City to be inducted into a heart attack survivor’s network. There they will have the opportunity to join Bob Harper and helping those who may be at risk of another heart attack to understand the warning signs and take the necessary steps toward living a healthier life.

Harper said: “This partnership with AstraZeneca is very personal to me as a heart attack survivor. My life’s mission has been rooted in living a healthy lifestyle, and I thought I was doing everything right. I never thought I would experience a heart attack. Being a heart attack survivor adds you to a club you never want to join, but once you are a part of it, you feel bonded by the experience. As survivors, we carry each other and together, with the support of networks likeSurvivors Have Heart, we can make a meaningful difference in raising awareness on how to navigate this complex journey.”


Harper suffered a severe heart attack in February that changed his life. With a commitment to his recovery, Harper has since focused on getting his life, health, and fitness back on track.

In addition to making lifestyle changes and following his doctor’s treatment plan, Harper was prescribed Astrazeneca’s Brilinta to help reduce the risk of having another heart attack or dying from one.

Rod Wooten, Vice President, Cardiovascular and Metabolic Diseases (CVMD), AstraZeneca, said: “Stories like Bob’s sit at the foundation of AstraZeneca’s commitment to addressing patient needs to help make a meaningful difference through health, education and support. This partnership embodies our belief that we must continue to play an active role in raising awareness and educating patients on important steps they can take to reduce their risk following another heart attack.”

This year, an estimated 790,000 Americans will experience a heart attack. The partnership with AstraZeneca will allow Bob Harper to share his story and provide tips and basic steps patients can take to help maintain a healthy life, while also following their treatment plan to help reduce their risk of having another heart attack.

TheSurvivors Have HeartEssay Contest will run from November 30, 2017 – January 15, 2018. For complete details and to enter please

AstraZeneca, at last report, employs about 1,500 in Delaware.

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