(Updated) TransPerfect employee group: Executive departures sign that something is amiss with sale process


A group representing TransPerfect employees is pointing to a staff exodus as evidence that the process of selling the company is causing damage.

Citizens for a Pro-Business Delaware reported that Joe Kuefler, president of TransPerfect’s translation technology, OneLink, resigned this week. Kuefler was an 11-year employee of TransPerfect and credited for bringing in more than $100 million from the OneLink technology, according to the group.

After Kuefler resigned, Andrew Stanley, vice president of APAC, Nadim Ali, director of global recruitment and Angus Ulyate, regional director of business Development submitted their resignations. All were 10-plus year employees of TransPerfect.

On Friday, it was reported that two more high-ranking leaders of the TransPerfect technology team resigned. Joe Campbell, director of Technology, had created, developed and managed the company’s technology for over 10 years. Julien Didier, vice president of technology, had served the technology-based company for over 17 years. The two most recent resignations add to the list of 23 high-level contributors to TransPerfect’s technology, a release from Citizens stated.

The recent loss broughtto ten, the number senior staff to leave the technology team in the last two weeks and 19 longtime employees resigning in the last four weeks.

The most recent resignations coincide with the court-appointed Custodian’s due date for offers on TransPerfect, according to Citizens.

Kuefler wrote in his resignation letter, “I would have considered myself an essential component for the selection committee for the recently-vacated Chief Information and Chief Technology Officer positions, but instead was introduced to my new boss by a third party with no awareness on the reporting structure.” Kuefler went on to write that “recent departures and the company’s apathetic response to them, has convinced me to move on.”

Matt Hauser, another decade-long employee of TransPerfect resigned last week after expressing frustration with the custodian’s management of the company.

Hauser’s resignation letter took aim at Chancery Court-appointed Custodian Robert Pincus’ treatment of senior staff at TransPerfect. “The Custodian’s refusal to allow us into the auction is beyond insulting. Competitors were given more respect than the people who built this company and kept it growing while countless millions were spent in the courtroom.”

Citizens for a Pro-Business Delaware continues to press First State legislators to pass a law that would put the sale on hold for three years. The company has no employees in Delaware.

“It’s hard to understand how legislators can sit by and watch the irresponsible actions of a Delaware-sanctioned representative as he drives more and more TransPerfect employees out the door,” said spokesperson Miranda Wessinger. “The custodian’s audacity threatens more than 4,000 American jobs and it’s the legislature’s duty to step in and curb the court-appointed custodian’s unruly power grab.”

Pincus was appointed to the Court by Chancery Court following a dispute between co-owners Elizabeth Elting and Philip Shawe.

Pincus did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Citizens for a Pro-Business Delaware is a group made up of more than 2,200 members including employees of the global translation services company TransPerfect, as well as concerned Delaware residents, business executives and others.

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