ILC Dover marks 70th anniversary

US Representative Lisa Blunt Rochester taking a selfie with a “spaceman” wearing one of the space suits manufactured by ILC Dover for NASA.(John Mollura Photography)

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(John Mollura Photography)

ILC Dover marked its 70th anniversary on Tuesday, with employees and political leaders on hand.

ILC started out as International Latex Corporation.


For 70 years, ILC Dover has provided engineered solutions to complex customer problems. It is best known for making space suits. Technologies include:

  • Powder Containment and Processing Systems to the pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical markets
  • Bulk Packaging and Processing Systems to the food, chemical, and personal care markets
  • Respiratory Protection Equipment and Environmental Safety Solutions to the industrial, pharmaceutical, and healthcare markets
  • Rapidly Deployable Flood Protection Systems to the commercial and municipal markets
  • Advanced Space Suits and Space Inflatables to the space market
  • Airships, Aerostats and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles to the aerospace market
  • Process systems to solve complicated powder handling and mixing problems

Since the 1960s, ILC has been involved in space development and production programs: supplying all the space suits for NASA since project Apollo; support of the international space station EVA’s; the Z1 suit recognized by Time Magazine as one of the best inventions of 2012; and the suit that helped the StratEx team complete a record-breaking near-space dive via high altitude balloon.

With the acquisitions of Grayling Industries and Jet Solutions, ILC Dover added additional technical and production competencies centered around intermediate bulk packaging of liquids and powders and advanced processing equipment.

One of our most recent inventions is the Resilient Tunnel Plug, a giant, inflatable structure designed to help protect cities and businesses from the devastating impact of flooding events.

This past July, we were selected to represent the First State for the product showcase at “Made in America” week at the White House.

ILC Dover CEO Fran DiNuzzo, describes the company as “an innovative engineering and technology company that develops products that protect people, property and products, often in the most extreme environments or life-critical situations.”

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