Meadows custard stand near Newark up for lease after fall closing


A custard shop has a for lease sign, rather than frozen treats.

The Meadows Original Frozen Custard closed in early October at the site of a former Taco Bell and more recently an independently owned taco shop. In a bow to technology, a digital sign now advertises that the site is available for leasing.

The first Meadows store was opened in 1950 in Duncansville in central Pennsylvania. The Delaware location operated for a couple of years and closed in the winter.

Franchised stores were later opened in the region. The store count now numbers about two dozen. The Capitol Trail location underwent extensive remodeling.


Frozen custard got its start on East Coast boardwalks. Kohr Bros. has five locations in coastal Delaware and a couple of dozen stands in total.

Custard differs from ice cream, since it uses eggs. The Rita’s chain dropped custard for a time, due to rising egg prices.

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