Counting our blessings


Good morning all,

This column was to have taken a look at income gains or the lack thereof. Then came a couple of personal notes from readers praising Delaware Business Now and offering Thanksgiving wishes.

It became clear that the topic at hand could wait for another day. It is a time to count our blessings.

For one thing, I am grateful for the opportunity to cover a vibrant, interesting state and meet so many fine people along the way. Yes, Delaware has its share of challenges. But there are signs of resilience and innovation that I see every day.

The breaking news format does not always offer the opportunity to examine these things in detail. Yet, when you take a look at our content, it is clear that many people are working to make this state a better place.

Let us know about the good works of your organization and we will do our best to pass the good news along.

For our readers hitting the road or heading to the airport, have a safe trip. The same goes for those of you who will travel a short distance.

The newsletter returns on Monday and there will be time for more weighty issues. Enjoy your Thanksgiving. – Doug Rainey, Publisher.

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