Windpower working group comes at right time


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Gov. John Carney is fond of forming working groups on big issues. The groups typically feature legislators from both parties, a couple of experts and scattered other players from business and elsewhere.

Some might see it as an unwieldy way to get things done.

In the case of the wind power working group, Carney appears to be on the right track, even if there is the risk of having too many cooks stirring the pot.


Delaware was the first out of the chute with the Bluewater Wind project, but the timing that came during and after the economic downturn wasn’t right.

The state also had a less than ideal partner, Bluewater Wind, which was later acquired by power plant operator NRG. NRG has replaced CEOS as it struggles in competitive energy markets.

This time around, the economics look more favorable, especially when we saw bids come in for projects off the coast near Ocean City, MD. One windfarm would edge into Delaware territorial waters (if there was such a boundary) with power moving into Delaware’s grid

Meanwhile the CEO of one of the companies eying Maryland waters for wind power praised Carney’s efforts.

“Offshore wind energy is a natural for Delaware. It produces more than just cleaner air, it creates jobs and a strong, modern electric grid,” saidDeepwater Wind CEO Jeffrey Grybowski.“Governor Carney is a champion for clean energy and his leadership on offshore wind is exciting.”

The only big concern would come from wind power project loaded with work rules and mandates that drive up the price of electricity.

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