Undercover boss, right to work law and Sussex County


Good morning – An odd sort of story emerged this week from a site known as the Daily Signal.

The piece reported that Anthony Wedo of Undercover Boss fame is backing a measure in Sussex County to bring about a right to work law that would bar unions from mandatory dues collection.

The Signal comes from the Heritage Foundation, a think tank with conservative leanings.

Wedo, who lives in Greenville headed the parent company of Old Country Buffet. The TV segment had Wedo working undercover in an effort to find problems, while also highlighting outstanding employees at the chain.


Wedo, later left the buffet company after it was sold. A turnaround faltered and it again filed for bankruptcy protection, while closing a number of buffets. The location near Christiana Hospital remains open.

The story raised a few eyebrows in Delaware since the state does not have a county option on right to work laws.

The Sussex County Council could pass a resolution supporting a right to work law that would have to be passed by the General Assembly.

So far, no signs of such an action have appeared on meeting agendas.

It is well known that the lack of a right to work law often leads to manufacturers automatically crossing off states, like Delaware, from their expansion list.

Organized labor has dug in on the issue and their influence is strong in Legislative Hall, especially when it comes to public employee issues.

Republican legislators did roll out a plan for right to work zones around areas with closed plants, one example being the GM Boxwood site. That proposal went nowhere but could re-emerge in some form.

I emailed both Wedo and the author of the story for comment and have not heard back from either.

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