Local career coach offers assessment roadmaps

Ed Weirauch

To help people figure out a career path that’s right for them, a Wilmington career coach has become one of the first in Delaware to offer Crown Career Direct Assessments.

“Career Direct Assessments provide personalized roadmaps that help people navigate their careers,” explains Career Coach and Resume Writer Ed Weirauch. “Of course, it’s great for high school and college students, but increasingly I’m seeing people of all ages who are again asking themselves what they want to be when they grow up.”

Weirauch explains that a Career Direct Assessment explores a person’s values, skills, abilities and personality traits, as well as their vocational interests, through an online, multiple-choice test. The results come in a 20-plus page report that is reviewed by a Career Direct Consultant, such as Weirauch.

“The results really provide a full picture of the person – what makes them tick,” Weirauch says, and therefore become the basis for well-informed career planning decisions.

“Are you introverted or extroverted, and to what extent? Is serving people a trait that defines you? A desire for recognition? If family turns out to be a high value for you, should you really pursue a career requiring lots of travel? Are you a doer, helper, analyzer or influencer? Understanding these aspects makes a big difference in making wise choices.”

The report and approximately two-hour consultant session provide big-picture insight that makes the findings applicable throughout a lifetime.

“Career assessments have been around since before I took one in the 1980s when they offered limited value. Back then, I got a list of four or five recommended career paths with very little perspective on why those careers might fit me,” Weirauch says.

Established in 2006, today Crown Career Direct offers its assessments in 18 languages and for 47 nations.

“As a career coach and resume writer, this is a great tool to offer my clients A number of them say they fell into their current jobs and/or careers, that their path wasn’t necessarily intentional. Then by frustration, sense of accomplishment or an actual job loss, they need to invest the time and themselves into deciding what’s next.

“Sometimes career decisions were made in a vacuum, or we grabbed the first job that came along. Career Direct Assessments bring our whole selves into the decision, which should lead to career choices that prove to be more successful, fulfilling, inspiring and maybe even enjoyable.”

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