(Video) Drone Workforce Solutions launches training program


Drone Workforce Solution, Wilmington, began its inaugural class training aspiring dronepilots late last month with the help of a grant from the Delaware Department ofLabor.

A dozen Delaware students have been selected and enrolled in the 70-hour, 10-week dronetraining course that covers everything from the mechanics of flying to aviation safety, tothe aeronautical information they need to become a certified and FAA licensed commercialdrone pilot.

“Our students will receive a top-notch education in drone technology that will help themseize job opportunities in this $100 billion dollar industry,” said Drone WorkforceSolutions CEO Theophilus R. Nix Jr.

Earlier this year, the Delaware Department of Labor, Division of Employment & Trainingawarded its second drone-related grant, ever awarded, to Drone Workforce Solutions tostart a pipeline of commercial drone operators to expand the state’s technologysector and increase sustainable employment for men and women from diversebackgrounds, a blog post from the company.


The recent grant paid the tuition for the students taking the Drone Workforce Solutionscourse. As part of their training, the aspiring drone pilots master the FAA’s regulations fordrone operators, learn how to build a drone from scratch, learn business andentrepreneurial skills, and experience hands-on, in-field flight coaching by our highlyqualified, experienced and FAA certified drone pilots in the industry.

Upon completion of the program, DWS alumni receive a certificate backed by DroneWorkforce Solutions; the only drone training company that is approved by the DelawareDepartment of Education, the New Jersey Department of Education and the New Jersey Department of Labor and Workforce Development. DWS was recently selected to be afinalist in the New Castle County Chamber’s Emerging Enterprise Center’s Swim with the Sharks video pitch competition.

Graduating students will also become members with one of DWS’s partners, the digitalDrone Pilot Ground School, where they will have access to online tools and resources forfive years. DWS offers its alumni opportunities for further training, networking, andpotential employment through its drone employment company.

According to one study, theexpansion of commercial drones could add $82 billion in economic value over the next tenyears and by 2025 employ an additional 100,000 Americans.

DWS is currently seeking interested aspiring drone pilots for their next class scheduled forthe Spring of 2018. Through its website, http://www.droneworkforcesolutions.com/, candidatesshould send their full name, email, and phone number to receive upcoming dates to attendDWS’s free open house information classes.

Drone Workforce Solutions’ corporate office and drone training school is located on the Wilmington Riverfront at 920Justison St.

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