Bloom critic not happy with yesterday’s column


Good morning, I received the following response to yesterday’s column on Bloom Energy from John Nichols, long-time critic, and litigant against Bloom Energy.

He was not happy with yesterday’s piece:

Bloom Energy is a corrupt organization that for years illegally transported their hazardous solid waste to Texas for treatment. They now transport their Delaware generated hazardous solid waste to New Mexico, and then to Clear Harbors LLC in Arkansas for incineration, which makes all of their air quality improvement claims literally go up insmoke.

Is your article an advertorial or actual reporting?


Bloom Energy runs on taxpayer and ratepayer subsidies. Natural gas just happens to be the fuel source. With a construction cost of $10,000 a kilowatt, they are the most expensive source of electricity generation on earth.

If you want a real story call Shawn Gavin at DNREC. Try to get him to comment on the EPA Region 3 finding about Bloom Energy’s hazardous waste which contains chromium, lead, arsenic and benzene. He was the Administrator of Region 3 when the finding was issued. How do you think he arrived in Delaware – chance?

The News Journal continues to cover-up the story in Delaware, as do most other major publications. There are a lot of powerful people behind Bloom Energy. Sooner or later justice will be served.

First of all, Our View is an analysis/opinion piece, not a story. I also pointed out Bloom’s employment picture and concern over the deal with Delmarva Power in the first couple of paragraphs.

I’ll leave it at that.

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