ILC Dover successfully tests pharmaceutical mixing system


ILC Dover has announced the successful use of a new semi-automated system that allows for superior mixing.

ILC performed tests at its facility in Rossens, Switzerland. The tests established that its JetBreaker delumping system can effectively replace the manual operations that the pharmaceutical company was using.

“Many powders, including sodium chloride and ammonium sulfide, can harden into a solid block that cannot be dispensed into process liquids without deagglomeration,” said Scott Patterson, ILC Dover vice president of commercial sales. “If the resultant aggregate is not fine enough, it can damage process valves, the tank and other processing equipment — ultimately ruining the batch of finished pharmaceutical product.”

Tests conducted by ILC proved the ability of its JetBreaker system to produce powder with proper particle size that ensures complete mixing with a Large Jet Injector.


“Powder clumping is an industry-wide problem, which is currently managed in a highly imprecise manner,” said Patterson. “Using our JetBreaker system eliminates this problem. Once the powder goes through the JetBreaker, it can freely flow into our mixing system with rapid dissolution and no risk of powder chunks plugging or damaging the venturi or downstream components.”

Test results were successful for powders flowing through a feed hopper into ILC’s Jet venturi mixing system.

ILC Dover, based in Frederica, is best known as a maker of space suits. However, it is also involved in inflatable technologies and systems for the pharmaceutical industry.

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