Nissan, power company offer 10K rebate on all-electric Leaf as Chevy Bolt’s debut approaches

Nissan Leaf

Nissan and Delmarva Power announced a  $10,000 rebate on the all-electric Nissan Leaf.

The Leaf, with a price that starts in the low 30s  is the least expensive  and best selling all-electric vehicle available nationwide.  It  has a range of around 100 miles.  

A federal tax rebate that can run $7,500 lowers the price to the mid to low 20s.

The Leaf is suitable for those with shorter commutes and in some cases access to charging station during work.

The best known all electric car line  is  Tesla. The company’s vehicles have  a range of 200 miles or more and a price tag that can run into the low six figures.


The company has a long waiting list for its planned $35,000 Tesla 3 that could have a range of 300 miles. The long-awaited model from the California company is slated for late 2017, although Tesla is known for delays.

Tesla has one public quick charge station at the I-95 travel plaza near Newark and a dealership in suburban Philadelphia.

Earlier, Chevrolet introduced the Bolt EV in California and a few other states. The Bolt has a  range of more than 200 miles and more rapid acceleration than the Leaf.

The Bolt is expected to be available this fall at Chevrolet dealers nationwide, with the $7,500 incentive dropping the price to around $30,000.

General Motors is believed to lose money on each Bolt. However, the trend is toward lower prices for the batteries that power the vehicle and higher costs for gas engines that must meet stiffer clean air requirements.

The State of Delaware has been working to add charging stations around the state as a way to encourage sales of all-electric cars. The state Public Service Commission offered a link to the coupon on its website.

Click here for the coupon, which can be presented at a Nissan dealer along with a Delmarva Power bill.

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