TransPerfect group plans another ad blitz


Citizens for a Pro-Business Delaware announced the launch of another advertising campaign.

The campaign will stress the impact of incorporation industry on the Delaware economy. The campaign will also include Nevada and Rhode Island, two states that would like a piece of Delaware’s incorporation fees.

The group noted that even cosponsors signed on to SB53 which would mandate a three-year waiting period when Delaware courts force the sale of a private company.

To date, the sale process is moving forward with support from co-founder Liz Elting, half owner of the company. Phil Shawe owns 49 percent and his mother Shirley Shaw owns 1 percent.


Shawe and Elting are seeking control of the company, with Elting siding with the court-ordered sale process.

Shirley Shawe offered to cede her share to Elting, but that offer was rejected.

Shirley Shawe will continue to seek TransPerfect shareholder meeting


“The more Delaware residents we reach, the more we hear about the need to protect our incorporation industry,” said Chris Coffey, campaign manager for CPBD. “Residents are concerned about what message this unprecedented court-ordered sale sends to other companies looking to incorporate here and are worried about the state’s economy and funding for local public servants. CPBD will continue our campaign until we reach each and every resident in Delaware.”

The Delaware campaign will be accompanied by grassrootsefforts to engage and activate residents to communicate with their state representatives.

The campaign will include direct mail, print, digital and radio advertisements.

Citizens for a Pro-Business Delaware is a group made up of more than 2,200 members including employees of the global translation services company TransPerfect, as well as Delaware residents, business executives and others.

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