State Senator Lopez: I was target of Israeli-American citizen linked to bomb threats


A state senator reported he was threatened in a case involving bomb threats at Jewish Community Centers and other facilities.

Michael Ron David Kadar, 18, who holds dual United States and Israeli citizenship and who was recently arrested in Israel, was charged  with numerous offenses that included  making threatening calls to Jewish Community Centers in Florida

 Ernesto B. López  R-Lewis, issued the following  in response to the indictments:

“Over a year ago, I released a statement in support of Delaware children and teachers condemning repeated bomb threats being made to our local schools. Today, I would like to thank all of the law enforcement agencies who participated in the investigation which has led to the successful apprehension of a prime suspect in Israel. Due to the ongoing nature of the investigation, I will have no further comments and respectfully request that members of my family be given privacy, and that all future questions be directed to the Federal Bureau of Investigation Field Office in Baltimore.”

Lopez went on to thank area police departments for their work.

The U.S. Atttorney’s Office in Orlando stated that the investigation into violent threats to Jewish Community Centers, schools and other institutions across this nation continues, including an ongoing investigation into potential hate crime charges.

According to a federal criminal complaint filed in Orlando, Florida, it is alleged that beginning on or about Jan. 4, 2017, and continuing until March 7, 2017, Kadar made multiple threatening calls involving bomb threats and active shooter threats to numerous Jewish Community Centers throughout Florida.

The indictment did not mention threats in Delaware that led to  JCC evacuations.

According to a federal criminal complaint filed in Macon, Georgia, it is alleged that on or about Jan. 3, 2017, Kadar made a phone call to a police department conveying false information about an alleged violent emergency situation concerning multiple individuals at a private residence in Athens, GA. Police and emergency personnel responded to the scene, only to learn that there was no emergency.

“Kadar allegedly took extraordinary steps to conceal his identity and location through several technological means, including voice alteration, use of proxy IP addresses, virtual currencies and caller ID spoofing,” said Acting Assistant Attorney General Blanco. “Thanks to the specialized training and expertise of our investigative team, we were successful in identifying, locating and apprehending the person accused of this despicable campaign of threats.”



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