Delaware ‘green ranking’ in the middle of the pack


Source: WalletHub

Delaware ranks in the middle of the pack as a green state.

The report came from the WalletHub website on the eve of Earth Day.


WalletHub’s analysts compared each of the 50 states in terms of 20 metrics designed to illustrate each state’s environmental quality and the eco-friendliness of its policies.

The data ranges from LEED-certified buildings per capita to share of energy consumption from renewable resources.

The number one ranking in Climate Change Contributions was offset by the state finishing in 45th place in environmental quality and 27th in eco-friendly behavior, one example being recycling.

Climate change contributions refer to the state’s effort to improve air quality and other areas of the environment.

Delaware has implemented environmental policies that some critics blame for the state’s high utility bills, without improvements in air quality.

Delaware has also sought to reduce emissions from coal-burning power plants in other states, claiming the releases make their way across state lines.

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