Crossings at Salem issues response to Business Now story


The Crossings at Salem issued the following via Facebook following publication of a Delaware Business Now story over the weekend.

The project would relocate residents of the Glasgow Trailer Park (also known as Glasgow Court) in Bear as part of a mixed-use project that would focus on substance abuse treatment. Some relocations have taken place.

Thank you for your patience in allowing us to respond. We are currently in the development phase and expect the formal engineered site plan to be submitted by months end. Our concept integrates several models from across the nation that have proven success in order to support the organic growth and sustainability of the community. We plan to engage stakeholders from a range of disciplines in both the private and public sector to break down silos andcoordinate efforts to combat the addiction epidemic that is plaguing our country.

The Crossings at Salem will change the way addiction is viewed and treated. Every day someone is losing his or her life to addiction. Every day someone is not living the life they deserve. Every day someone is looking for help. We understand the sense of urgency and we want to be a part of the solution.

We have introduced this model incrementally over the last few years at the Glasgow Mobile Home Park and the results have shown promise. The residents of this park have been made aware of our plans and we have been transparent throughout the development process. There is a fund through the State of Delaware that assists the residents on relocation efforts.

Peace by Piece is the beginning of our housing model. It is completely self-sufficient, as well as self-sustaining. The program apartments as well as the commercial units in Phase 1 will be completely run by our non-profit organization. By learning from each other, supporting each other and holding one another accountable, they will provide everything they need to create a “Community within a Community.” Our goal is to provide a safe space for those suffering from substance abuse disorder to get well, take ownership of their lives and be part of something greater. In order to stay true to our beliefs, we will be self sustaining and financially responsible; furthermore, our Founder and President will not receive a salary.

We know that our project will increase a person’s chance at sobriety, decrease recidivism and alleviate some of the burden on our State coffers. Phase one of the subdivision encompasses the inpatient detox, rehab, as well as community apartments and some commercial units to help offset costs as well as provide jobs and learning centers. The detox and the inpatient facility will function as any business will function; however we are working diligently to ensure its program functionality is cohesive with our housing model.

Developers propose drug treatment center, offices & apartments at Glasgow Trailer Park

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