Cooter Brown’s takes former Hooter’s space in Rehoboth


Cooter Browns Twisted Southern Kitchen and Bourbon Bar has opened at the former Hooter’s on Rehoboth Avenue at the former Hooter’s location.

According to the Rehoboth Foodie website, the restaurant is part of the Crabby Dick’s group, which has a restaurant on Route 1, Rehoboth.

Crabby Dick’s is known for Baltimore-style seafood and double entendre wording inits menu offerings. Web posts indicate the new restaurant will also offer live entertainment.


The one-page menu features items such as fried chicken, shrimp and grits with gouda cheese, crab cakes, smoked wings, drunken pork chop and pickled peaches.

Southern Food has been increasingly popular in larger cities, including Washington, D.C., the home area for many Rehoboth Beach visitors. Upscale establishments have opened with prices to match for offerings such as fried chicken.

Bourbon is also seeing rising sales, with distilleries popping up in Tennessee, Kentucky and even Delaware.

As for the name Cooter Brown, it is believed to be based on the expression, Drunk as Cooter Brown. The name is used at a tavern-restaurant in New Orleans, as well as in establishments in Texas and Florida.

Prior to its closing, Hooter’s in Rehoboth Beach was the subject of a lawsuit when a franchisewas accused by the franchisor of abandoning restaurants along the East Coast.

Cooter Brown’s has a location a short distance from the beach with a view of Rehoboth Avenue.

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