Home tattoo parlor shut down by state


The Delaware Division of Public Health (DPH) ordered a 38-year-old Magnolia man to cease tattooing activities in his home.

DPH Health Systems Protection staff issued a cease Order to William Smiley of 60 Grays Lane in Magnolia for conductingtattooing activitiesout of his residence without a required body art establishment permit.

In addition to operating without a permit and being entirely unregulated, DPH staff were unable to confirm proper sanitary precautions were used.

DPH is asking customers who may have received services at this location to contact their health care provider for evaluation for diseases such as hepatitis and human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) that may have been transmitted through unsterile equipment. Tell the doctor about receiving a tattoo from an unregulated tattoo parlor, when it occurred, and any symptoms since the visit.


Tell the doctor about receiving a tattoo from an unregulated tattoo parlor, when it occurred, and any symptoms since the visit.

When in doubt, DPH recommends testing for HIV and hepatitis. It is possible to carry these viruses for years without knowing it due to lack of symptoms, and, even if the virus cannot be traced to the closed tattoo parlor, knowing one’s HIV and hepatitis statuscan mean earlier treatment if needed and the prevention of further spread of these viruses.To learn more about free testing options in your area, visithttp://www.freehivtest.net/and enter your ZIP code.

The unregulated tattoo parlor kept no client records and, as a result, DPH cannot follow the normal protocol of contacting individuals by letter to urge them to seek medical testing.DPH is alerting the public through press releases, social media and by notifying medical providers.

Delawareans can alsocontact the DPHCommunicable Disease Bureauat 302-744-1050 if they have questions about potential transmission risks.

“No one should ever seek body art services from an unlicensed business,” said DPH Director Dr. Karyl Rattay. “Establishments regulated by DPH are inspected and must meet requirements for sanitation, proper disposal of needles, use of gloves, and many other items. HIV and hepatitis can all too easily be transmitted if proper precautions are not taken. Before getting any body art done, people should always insist on seeing thePublic Health permit,which is required to be posted in an obvious location.”

DPH learned about the illegal establishment from a law enforcement tip.

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