Delaware ranks 7th in economic impact of immigrants


Source: WalletHub

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Delaware ranks seventh when it comes to the impact of immigrants on the state, according to the financial information website, WalletHub.


The First State rankings are as follows:

  • 6th– % of Jobs Generated by Immigrant-Owned Businesses Out of Total Jobs
  • 9th– Median Household Income of Foreign-Born Population
  • 3rd– % of Foreign-Born STEM Workers Out of Total STEM Workers
  • 6th– % of Foreign-Born Population Aged 25 & Older with a Bachelor’s Degree or Higher
  • 10th– % of Fortune 500 Companies Founded by Immigrants or Their Children
  • 7th– % of Jobs Created by Presence of International Students Out of Total Jobs
  • 7th– Economic Contribution of International Students per Capita

The state’s large employers have long employed immigrants in technical and managerial positions. Alumni of those companies have gone on to form their own companies.

Of late financial technology operations at the state’s banking giants have technical staff.

Neighboring New Jersey ranked second, with Misississipi ranking 51.

WalletHub released the report in the wake of President Trump’s controversial executive order on immigration and demonstrations last week.There have been concerns that tightening immigration could hurt the economies of some states.

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