Carney signs executive order to establish government efficiency panel


Gov. John Carney signed Executive Order Four on Thursday, establishing the Government Efficiency and Accountability Review Board (GEAR) to identify, on an ongoing basis, opportunities for cost savings in state government.

The board, which will begin meeting in the next month, willdevelop recommendations for increasing efficiency and effectiveness across state government. Its members will explore ways to improve the strategic financial planning process and expand the use of metrics in determining how to allocate state resources.

The board’s recommendations will be intended to consistently improve the way the state delivers services and to improve the quality of those services.

“We need a serious, permanent effort to identify cost savings and efficiencies in state government, and that’s what we’ll get with the GEAR Board, ” saidGovernor Carney. “We must do things differently than we’ve always done them, and find smarter ways to operate more effectively and protect taxpayer dollars. Delawareans expect us to responsibly manage their money, and we’re committed to doing just that.”


Each year, by December 1, the GEAR Board will submit a report to the Governor, including recommendations that may be included in the recommended state budget. Recommendations may include ways that state government agencies can share services, and new methods forimproving the recruitment, developmen, and retention of state employees.

By May 1 of this year, the Director of the Office of Management and Budget and the Secretary of Finance will produce a report for the Governor, including recommendations for the General Assembly’s Joint Finance Committee to review as its members finalize the Fiscal Year 2018 state budget.

Annual reports of the GEAR Board will be made public.

“Our challenge as a government is providing the services that residents want and need in their daily lives, while keeping costs down,” saidRep. Melanie George Smith, D-Bear, co-chair of the Joint Finance Committee. “We on the Joint Finance Committee appreciate what Governor Carney is doing by looking for ways to cut costs, and fund services responsibly for our taxpayers. Our goal is to continue providing necessary, quality services at a good value.”

“It’s prudent to constantly reassess how we can make government more effective and responsive,” saidDelaware House Minority Leader Danny Short, R-Seaford. “My hope is that this effort produces tangible suggestions that lead to implemented results, not only to improve government but to increase the success of our economic development initiatives.”

The board will include the following members:

  1. The Director of the Office of Management and Budget (OMB);
  2. The Secretary of Finance;
  3. The Secretary of the Department of Technology and Information;
  4. The Controller General;
  5. The State Treasurer;
  6. The Chief Justice of the Delaware Supreme Court;
  7. The Secretary of Health and Social Services;
  8. The Secretary of Education;
  9. A representative from the Delaware business community appointed by the Governor; and
  10. A representative from AFSCME appointed by the Governor.
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