Wilmington ranked as 5th most dangerous city


As Wilmington started the year with three homicides, a real estate statistics organization ranked the city fifth in the nation in violent crime.  

 Wilmington ranked ninth in 2015, 15th in 2014 and   17th in 2013.

 The ranking came from  NeighborhoodScout, a nationwide neighborhood search engine and provider of location-based analytics for the real estate industry.

 The city’s high ranking came in the recently released  Top 100 Most Dangerous U.S. Cities and Top 100 Safest U.S. Cities lists for 2017.


 Only two percent of cities on the list were listed as safer than Wilmington. Dover fared a little better at 3 perent.

 By contrast, Hockessin and the Alapocas area near Friends school outside the city were safer than 72 percent of U.S. neighborhoods.

 Wilmington actually ranked 11th in homicides. However, a high rate of property crimes pushed it into the top five. The rate of violence crimes in Wilmington was three times the figure for Delaware as a whole.

 Wilmington was dubbed Murdertown USA in a late 2015  Newsweek story that has led to efforts to cut the number of homicides and other violent crime..

 Frustration with incumbent  Mayor Dennis Williams and his efforts to fight crime led to a crowded field in last year’s mayoral race, with Michael Purzycki emerging as the top vote-getter. Purzycki was sworn in this month as mayor.

“The same trend continues to play out across the country, one that highlights a contrast between coveted bedroom communities and struggling inner and industrial-satellite cities,” explains  Andrew Schiller, CEO and founder of Location, Inc. and NeighborhoodScout. “These safe commuter towns, which exist between major cities like Boston, Chicago, and Dallas-Fort Worth and smaller, high-crime satellite cities, have residents who can afford access to opportunity,” says  Schiller. “An easy commute to high-paying jobs in the city, combined with decent schools and quality of life in the suburbs, increases home values and lowers crime.”

 Ranked as the most dangerous cities were the the following:

25 Elkhart, IN
24 Ardmore, OK
23 Little Rock, AR
22 Newburgh, NY
21 Flint, MI
20 Daytona Beach, FL
19 Baltimore, MD
18 San Bernardino, CA
17 Myrtle Beach, SC
16 Atlantic City, NJ
15 Cleveland, OH
14 Rockford, IL
13 Milwaukee, WI
12 Chester, PA
11 West Memphis, AR
10 Memphis, TN
9 Birmingham, AL
8 Detroit, MI
7 Bessemer, AL
6 St. Louis, MO
5 Wilmington, DE
4 Camden, NJ
3 Alexandria, LA
2 Monroe, LA
1 East St. Louis, IL