$121.6 million winning Powerball ticket bought in Selbyville


A  winning $121 million Powerball ticket was purchased in Sussex County.

The PowerBall website reported the winning ticket came from Delaware and  Lottery Director Vernon Kirk, confirmed the Selbyville Goose Creek was  the site of the ticket purchase. The Powerball drawing was Saturday night. 

 The winning numbers in Saturday’s drawing were 1, 8, 16, 40, and 48 with the Powerball  number  10. The winner has not come forward. 

The  jackpot winner will have the option to choose a 20-year annuity or the cash value of their share of the jackpot. If the annuity option is chosen, the winner will receive the $121.6 million jackpot annuity, which will be paid over 20 years. If the winner chooses the cash option for their share of the jackpot they will receive a lump sum payment of $72.1 million.


“For one lucky winner in Delaware, this holiday season marks the beginning of the start of their life as a multi-millionaire,” Kirk stated.  “This is an incredible life-changing event, and the Delaware Lottery encourages the winner to take the time they need to make the decisions regarding prize claim options, and perhaps consult with a tax accountant or an attorney.”

This The drawing represents the second-highest Delaware jackpot winner on a single ticket. The highest was in 2004, when a winner of the $214.7 million jackpot took the cash option of $116.9 million. 

In 2001, a Delaware winner claimed one of four winning tickets on a $295 million annuity value, and in 2009,  a Delaware winner claimed  one of two winning tickets on a $174.4 million annuity value.

In May of 2013, one of three $50 million jackpot winning tickets was also sold in Delaware at  the Giant supermarket, in Rehoboth Beach, and claimed the cash value of $10,377,750. Since Powerball  first began in 1992, Delaware has had a total of nine jackpot winners, which will increase to ten when the lucky winner from Saturday’s drawing comes forward.

“Our Retailer Goose Creek is also a winner today for helping to make this amazing experience happen, and we are pleased to add them to our growing list of lucky retailers,” added Kirk. “No matter the size of the jackpot, Powerball’s prize structure is making it fun and exciting to play, with more than 300 players becoming millionaires by winning at the second prize level in calendar 2016 alone.

Winners can choose to remain anonymous in Delaware.