Associated Builders and Contractors honor top members

ABC awards/dinner Chase on the Riverfront 11-17-2016 credit pgotograph by Eric Crossan 302-378-1700
 ABC Delaware Chairman Tom Dilley (left) presents Sonny Telford with the 2016 Charter Cup. Eric Crossan photo

Sonny Telford wins ABC Charter Cup for 2016

Each year, ABC Delaware honors the ABC contractor member who exemplifies the  meaning of the Merit Shop philosophy and has contributed most to the success of the association. This year’s winner is Sonny Telford of Sobieski Life Safety.

Sonny has a supported ABC’s efforts to protect free enterprise and open competition in Delaware.  He served on the ABC Delaware Board of Directors for six years, 2005-2010.
He and his company have shown outstanding personal and corporate commitment to our association, and his company has been a yearly recipient of the ABC Safety Training Evaluation while he is a regular attendee at all ABC events. The company has also been a constant supporter through sponsorships, event participation or community service projects.

Sonny has been a member of the ABC Legislative/Legal Rights Committee, Membership Committee and Partnering Committee which promotes a mutual understanding and resolution of issues common to contractors, design professionals and owners. Sonny has been a  supporter and contributor of both our local and national Political Action Committee which helps elect pro-merit shop ­legislators. He is an individual that truly embodies the spirit of ABC.

ABC Delaware Chairman Tom Dilley congratulates Associate/Supplier of the Year Frank Dobson (right). Eric Crossan photo.

Dobson awarded ABC Associate/Supplier of the Year


ABC Delaware announced  that this year’s winner of the Associate/Supplier of the year is Frank Dobson of Dobson Associates. The award is given to the individual that has made a significant contribution to the association through committee involvement and sponsorship of ABC events.

Frank has committed many  hours of his time to ABC. Frank is a past chair of the ABC Safety, Health & Wellness committee, and has been involved in the subcommittee to review applications for the National Safety, Training, Evaluation and Process awards. He has also served as an instructor for many ABC safety classes throughout the years and currently serves on the Events Committee as the Golf Outing Chairman

Frank is always willing to give his time to ABC community service projects throughout the year. His company Dobson Associates has supported ABC through sponsorships and meeting participation.

ABC Delaware Chairman Tom Dilley (left) and past Chairman Ken Adams, for whom the cup is named (right), present Mike Horsey with the Adams Cup. Eric Crossan photo. 

Mike Horsey awarded Adams Cup for member recruitment

Each year ABC Delaware recognizes the member who recruits the most new members in a calendar year.  It is named after Past ABC Delaware Chair and ABC National Chair, Ken Adams of PACE Services.

This year’s winner is Mike Horsey of Common Sense Solutions. Mike is a first time Adams Cup recipient. In the past 10 months he has recruited five new members to our association. During his tenure with ABC, he has recruited 10 members to the organization.