Community Garden project coming to Eastside Wilmington


Eastside Central Baptist Community Development Corporation (CBCDC) took another step forward in implementing the Eastside Rising community plan by taking over four vacant lots that will become a revenue-producing  community garden.

The four parcels,  located at 815,817,819 & 821 N. Church St.,  were transferred to Urban Acres Produce an LLC subsidiary of Central Baptist CDC.

The properties were donated by the Wilmington Housing Partnership as their contribution to the Eastside community stabilization effort.

Vacant for many years, the lots are now set to become the centerpiece garden for Eastside Rising.

Construction on the grounds will transform the property into a community garden where residents will have the opportunity to grow their vegetables, and participate in other community activities at the garden in 2017.


A production garden with locally grown produce to be sold by Urban Acres Produce will be another economic development benefit of the project.

As with all Eastside Rising initiatives the garden will create jobs and enthusiasm among us community residents, a release stated.

Rev. Terrence Keeling, president of CBCDC  said   “this is another opportunity for people in the community to be empowered to engage in the process of positive change, which is what Eastside Rising is about. Through this effort we will introduce specialty crop urban gardening that we anticipate will result in jobs for the community. The garden will also serve to create a community space where people can meet and socialize.”

Urban Acres Produce, a community owned and run non-profit was founded for the purpose of addressing the lack of convenient access to healthy foods in low-income sections of the Eastside and Northeast of Wilmington.

The initiative is designed to enhance the distribution of Delaware fruits and vegetables to non-traditional and underserved markets in the state with the establishment of a local-focused distribution network linking Delaware producers with Delaware restaurants, schools, small retail outlets and other institutional outlets.

Program Director for Urban Acres, Micheal Minor  said,   “good things are happening, we are creating more access to healthy choices for people of our community and that’s good for our city.”

Continued fund-raising efforts can be supported via the Central Baptist Community Development Corporation website (