IT company CAI expands autism jobs program first launched in Delaware


CAI Care greenComputer Aid, Inc. (CAI) announced the expansion of its Autism Initiative to additional metropolitan areas including Chicago, Columbus, Harrisburg, New York, Philadelphia and Pittsburgh.

CAI has a large employment center in northern Delaware.

In 2013, CAI launched their Autism Initiative with a strategic mission of putting those on the autism spectrum to work. Through this program, individuals living in and around the company’s Delaware office are performing IT functions, ranging from scanning and data entry to higher skilled roles including software testing and development.

CAI, an IT managed services firm primarily serving   Fortune 1000 companies, currently employs more than associates with autism in the government sector and major financial institutions. These individuals are performing software testing, data quality assurance, business operations, data mining, and data entry. CAI created this innovative opportunity to leverage the unique talents of people with autism while providing them a roadmap to develop meaningful IT careers,  a release stated.

In the United States, it is estimated that one in every 68 children has been identified with autism spectrum disorder (ASD), according to estimates from Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC)’s Autism and Developmental Disabilities Monitoring Network. With more than 3.5 million Americans living with an ASD, national data by the CDC indicates that the large majority of adults are either unemployed or underemployed with estimates ranging up to 90%.


“CAI is very proud of the success we’ve had with this program to date, and we are very enthusiastic about the potential to rapidly expand this initiative across our enterprise,” said Tom Salvaggio, CAI’s president.

CAI is also expanding their partnerships and strategic alliances with organizations committed to the same mission of putting those on the autism spectrum to work.

“We have seen the difference this program has made in the lives of our associates. Many consistently express their gratitude for the opportunities to pursue careers which did not seem feasible to them initially. I am extremely excited to lead the continued expansion of this program,” said Wayne McRae, CAI’s solutions practice director of the Autism Initiative.

“CAI has a mission to establish and run programs for the betterment of our communities. We believe CAI should consistently be a positive force in bringing about needed change. CAI’s Autism Initiative is an integral part of this mission,” said Tony Salvaggio, CAI’s  CEO.

“We are appreciative of the program’s initial progress. CAI is very excited to see what the future brings, and most importantly, how we can positively impact those on the autism spectrum find employment, independence, and even greater self-fulfillment,” said Tom Salvaggio.

Computer Aid, Inc. (CAI) is a $600 million privately-held global Information Technology (IT) application management and outsourcing corporation based in Allentown, PA.

Established in 1981, the company is comprised of more than 3,500 Associates worldwide with offices throughout the United States, Canada, Europe, and the Asia-Pacific region.