Delaware’s highways rank 37th in national report

Image from Reason Foundation.


Image from Reason Foundation.
Image from Reason Foundation.

Delaware’s highways came in  37th in an annual report, with rural routes getting high marks and the Interstate system in the northern part of the state ranking near the bottom.

The ranking came from the Reason Foundation, a Libertarian-leaning Foundation that examines the efficiency of government.

The 22nd Annual Highway Report ranked Delaware  27th in fatality rate, 22nd in deficient bridges, 45th in urban Interstate pavement condition, and 34th in urban congestion.

The state’s rankings were closely matched by its neighbors in the crowded Northeast Corridor. Neighboring New Jersey, which has one of the nation’s lowest gas taxes, is facing a funding crisis for its highway system and now ranks 49th.


On spending, Delaware ranks 38th in total disbursements per mile and 30th in administrative disbursements per mile.

Delaware’s best rankings are rural arterial pavement condition (4th), rural arterial lane-width (15th), and capital-bridge disbursements per mile (20th).

Delaware’s worst rankings are maintenance disbursements per mile (49th) and urban Interstate pavement condition (45th).

Delaware’s state-controlled highway mileage makes it the 41st largest system, despite  the state being the second smallest in size

Top performing highways can be found in South Carolina, South Dakota, Kansas, Nebraska and Maine.


The rankings are as follows:

1 South Carolina

2 South Dakota

3 Kansas

4 Nebraska

5 Maine

6 Montana

7 North Dakota

8 Wyoming

9 Ohio

10 Mississippi

11 New Mexico

12 Missouri

13 Utah

14 Kentucky

15 North Carolina

16 Idaho

17 Oklahoma

18 Tennessee

19 Texas

20 Alabama

21 Georgia

22 Nevada

23 Oregon

24 Arizona

25 West Virginia

26 New Hampshire

27 Minnesota

28 Wisconsin

29 Illinois

30 Virginia

31 Michigan

32 Florida

33 Arkansas

34 Louisiana

35 Colorado

36 Indiana

37 Delaware

38 Maryland

39 Pennsylvania

40 Iowa

41 Vermont

42 California

43 Washington

44 Connecticut

45 New York

46 Massachusetts

47 Rhode Island

48 Hawaii

49 New Jersey

50 Alaska

Additional information about each state’s performance is available at: