Delaware ranks 18th in energy costs


Source: WalletHub

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A financial website ranks Delaware as having the 18th highest energy costs. Neighboring New Jersey ranked 30th, thanks to a low gas tax. Maryland ranked 14th, with Pennsylvania at 19.


The report from WalletHub ranked Hawaii as having the highest energy costs, with Washington ranking 50th.

Hawaii has to import oil for its generators, while Washington gets much of its power from cheap hydroelectric sources.

The report noted that U.S., energy costs account for five and 22 percent of families’ total after-tax income.

Low energy costs don’t always help.

“Electricity might be cheap in southern Louisiana, for instance, but its scorching summer weather could still result in higher costs for its residents than the temperate climate in more energy-expensive northern California, where heating and cooling units stay idle most of the year,” the WalletHub report indicated.

Delaware and the Mid-Atlantic region have seen a hot summer with many commercial air-conditioning systems in store and restaurants failing to keep up with constant 90-degree heat.

The report was based on monthly consumption of electricity, heating oil and natural gas. Also included were motor fuel prices and consumption.

High energy costs have been cited as a factor in companies not coming to the state. Critics have pointed to mandates requiring growing levels of alternative energy sources as a factor in the higher rates.

Delaware has lower gas taxes than neighboring states.

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