UD social media maven Chapman enters state senate race



Newark native and University of Delaware social media director Meredith Chapman announced her candidacy for the Delaware State Senate seat in District. 8.

Her campaign will focus on three key areas impacting the economic stability of the First State: Innovation, Education and Finance.

She is expected to compete for the seat with state Sen. David Sokola, a Democrat,  who has held the seat for a quarter century.

“With more than a decade of experience in the fields of government relations and education, Chapman hopes to bring a fresh perspective to Legislative Hall in order to effect positive change that will impact not only the constituents within her district, but friends, neighbors and businesses throughout the First State,” Chapman’s announcement stated.
She stated that her campaign with focus on the following;
– Innovation: “In the new economy, it’s not enough to create jobs. We must develop a foundation for long-term economic viability that encourages new ideas and invites entrepreneurs and businesses focused on innovative ideas to build or grow their business in the First State.”
–  Education: “Referendums are simply a band-aid to the education problem in Delaware. We are among the top states for education spending, yet in the bottom third for performance. It’s time to evaluate how we spend taxpayer money and the effectiveness of how our children are being prepared for the future.”
–  Finance: “With the state consistently relying on volatile and unreliable revenue sources, the ability to develop a balanced budget each year becomes more challenging. Delaware is essentially living paycheck-to-paycheck. It’s time to develop new funding mechanisms for the First State and make the tough decisions necessary to focus funding where it’s needed most.”
As Director of Digital Communications for the University of Delaware championed  media on campus. we She is also an adjunct faculty member at UD and developed the Social Media Marketing Strategy Certificate.
Chapman began her career in television as a reporter and producer at WHYY-TV, a Philadelphia-based PBS affiliate, and then went to work on Capitol Hill as a communication manager in the U.S. House of Representatives for then-Congressman Mike Castle.
Chapman grew up in Beech Hill and attended Pike Creek Christian School. She was a cheerleader at the University of Delaware while earning her bachelor’s degree in communication. She went on to coach cheerleading at Newark High School while earning her master degree in education from UD.
She lives in Fairfield Crest in Newark with her husband, Luke, who serves as a Newark City Councilman.
Republicans see a chance to re-take the state Senate after gaining ground in the previous election.
The ranks of Republican in the General Assembly were hit hard several years ago by the side effects of the disastrous candidacy of Christine O’Donnell. O’Donnell derailed the U.S Senate bid of Cong Mike Castle, allowing Chris Coons to take the seat.
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