Delaware ranks 4th in job creation in Gallup survey


jobGallup is ranking Delaware fourth in the nation in the rate of job creation in 2015.

Minnesota ranked first on the list with a score of  38, followed by  Georgia, Utah and Delaware.

Delaware’s job score was 35.

Ranking at the bottom was Alaska, followed by West Virginia. Both have been hit by a slump in the energy sector. Alaska had a score of 12.


“The  governor has prioritized preparing people to succeed in today’s economy and fostering an environment that allows businesses to grow, thrive, and hire people from within our workforce,”  said Courtney McGregor, spokesperson for the governor. “ We’ve made great progress, but there is still work to do and the governor is committed to ensuring all Delawareans who want a job have opportunities available.

Gallup  asked  employees to report on hiring activity at their place of work. The  data came  from  interviews with more than 200,000 U.S. workers, including at least 581 in every state.

The polling also came before news of  job cuts at DuPont Co. late last year.

However, the end of 1,700 jobs at the company amounts to only  four-tenths of one percent of the state’s total workforce of more than 430,000.

The impact will be greater in terms of income, since many of the jobs paid in the high five or low six figures.

The state has shown signs of a slowdown in job growth. Labor  market officials in Delaware have said the preliminary numbers are suspect, due to the use of sampling rather than hard payroll numbers that come later.

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