Twin Lakes moving brewery from Greenville to Newport

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TLPAcanNuTwin Lakes Brewing Co. is moving to Newport from its site in Greenviille.

The company made the announcement on its website on Friday.

The craft brewer will occupy a former warehouse at the headquarters of Harvey Hanna and Associates, a development and commercial real estate  company base based in the same building

Twin Lakes  also announced it was suspending its tastings and growler refills until the move is completed. The News Journal reported the brewer is shooting for occupancy in September. Growlers are large glass containers that have been a part of the craft brewing industry, with their use later expanded to liquor stores.

Ryan Kennedy, of Harvey Hanna, said the  the 3,000 square feet of   space that Twin Lakes will be  occupying  is a former warehouse. “We are in the process of relocating our warehouse to make for an accelerated timeline to accommodate Twin Lakes Brewery.”

Keeping Twin Lakes in Delaware was a collaborative effort, according to Kennedy.  “From the Alan Levin and Bernice Whaley at DEDO to Governor Markell, we all worked together with the goal of keeping Twin Lakes in Delaware,” Kennedy said.

According to Kennedy, once word was out on Twin Lakes’ plans to move, “we thought it made sense to reach out as the space is a perfect fit for their operation. They were getting attractive offers from nearby states within  the region so as you could imagine we were thrilled that they decided to remain in Delaware and even more excited they decided on Newport. This is a great addition to a very active and high energy business  park…we are proud to welcome Twin Lakes Brewery to our family of tenants.”

Kennedy noted the park has  “a nice balance between manufacturing, science and technology, real estate , student athletics and club sports (Newport Rowing Club and Olympiad Gymnastics) along with various  retail and wholesale operations.”

Twin Lakes was a pioneer in Delaware in adding a canning line for its flagship Pale Ale. Twin Lakes also offers a number of seasonal craft beers and has its products on draft.

Craft brewers began to move to the new packaging as the popularity of more exotic beer types grew. Also concerns  subsided aluminum projecting  too much of a “Joe six pack” image for the more upscale products.

So far, Dogfish Head, the largest craft brewer in the state and one of the 15 largest in the nation, has stayed with glass containers.

Kennedy of Harvey Hanna says craft brewing is a growing industry that is also aiding the state’s tourism industry.

Twin Lakes, located in a scenic area of the upscale Greenville area,  had a  limited number of hours to sample, tour  and buy its brews.

The site in Newport is a short drive from Interstate 95 and should attract a growing number of visitors seeking out craft beer through a tasting room with longer hours.

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  1. Growlers *have* been legal in Delaware for quite some time. Used to grab Stewies all of the time, and even growlers from Iron Hill. The change was allowing the sale of growlers in stores, but they’ve been legal at breweries and brew pubs. And while bottles are a type of container, no one says I bought a case of beer in glass containers…. just sounds out of place. Plus you can buy dog fish in kegs, which aren’t made of glass…. so they don’t only sell in glass containers. Sorry to nit pick, just rubbed me the wrong way… reads like it was written by someone with zero experience on the subject.

    • You seem to know a lot about the subject. You are right on growlers being around a while. At any rate, any suggestion that improves the quality of the article is welcome.

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