Stone Balloon name returns to Main Street Newark

Newark Downtown Partnership image
Newark Downtown Partnership image

The Stone Balloon name has returned to Main Street in Newark.

A sign proclaimed the name change that had been in the works for a while as reports surfaced on the sale of the establishment. The restaurant had been renamed a few years ago from the Stone Ballon Winehouse to the 16 Mile Taphouse. The establishment featured craft brews from the southern Delaware establishment along with gastropub food.

Neither the upscale wine or beer focus seemed to work for the restaurant, which has restrictions on live music, due to its location in the condo complex.

The Stone Balloon is housed on the ground floor of the Washington House condominiums that were built after the original Stone Balloon was razed.

Former owner Bill Stevenson, who has worked to keep memories of the night spot alive via reunion parties and a book, praised the new name on his Facebook page.

The Stone Balloon, for many years, was one of the better known music spots on the East Coast, attracting up and coming superstars such as Bruce Springsteen and popular bands of the 1960s like Jethro Tull.

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